Group classes

Breastfeeding Demystified

Want a comprehensive prenatal breastfeeding class that covers the science, logistics, and emotional aspects of breastfeeding; unravels common myths; and is delivered with a sense of humor? Join me for this 3-hour class. A partner or other support person is highly encouraged to attend with you.

Pumping 9 to 5: Balancing working, pumping, and breastfeeding

Minimize stress and maximize pumping output with a 1.5-hour class on strategies for balancing working and pumping. This class is perfect for parents-to-be who have taken a basic breastfeeding class and need more information about pumping, new parents who are getting ready to return to work or school, and seasoned parents or birth/breastfeeding professionals in need of expert tips.

Contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a class.

Private classes

I can also bring classes to you by appointment. A private class is up to three hours long and includes the same material covered in a group session, delivered in the comfort of your home. The class can also be customized to meet any special needs, such as intending to exclusively pump, expecting multiples, navigating the NICU, and anything else! In-home classes cost $75 for you plus one support person, and $25 for each additional attendee. Contact me for more information or to schedule.